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We’re starting up this discussion with getting to know you and more about your practise. We’re very interested to know about your experiences in the entrepreneurship field, things that you have run into and things you find interesting to share.

My name is Olivia Cowan and I am a Master student in the Netherlands studying Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship. I have lived and studied here for the past five years but was born and raised in Kenya, and so have come to know both the differing cultures quite well. However, entrepreneurship and more specifically cultural entrepreneurship, and how they differ and align between the global north and global south is of particular interest. I’m excited to read about your experiences in the field as to start this conversation with a better idea of who, what, where you are and how you’ve done it, what you’ve struggled with and so on.

Please use the comment boxes below. The option to interact with other people’s thoughts and comments is also available. Looking forward to an insightful conversation!

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